Barbecue Specials

Make your outdoor cooking experience special by ordering your meat from us, comfortable in the fact that you know the provenance from 'Birth to Barbecue'.

Bacon and Gammon

Pork from our own Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs is dry-cured to a unique age-old recipe and smoked over oak chips right here on the farm producing our award-winning bacon.  It requires very little cooking and there is no spitting in the pan, no white residue, very little shrinkage and a flavour to delight the taste buds - definitely a taste not to be missed.

Our smoked bacon is favoured by Fergus Henderson's St John Restaurant which is consistently placed in the Top 50 Best Restaurants in the World.


In the shop this week we have our own Dexter beef. Dexter is a rare breed, renowned for the flavour and quality of the meat. Our beef has been naturally reared and grass fed with no added growth promoters and hung for a minimum of 14 days (hanging time varies depending on breed but all our beef can be hung for longer if requested). Available breeds vary from week to week. If you do require a specific breed please speak to one of our butchers on 01285 862224 to check if /when it is available.


All of our burgers are handmade to order.

Due to the high meat content of our burgers thorough cooking is recommended.


We take great pride in finding top quality game for our customers. It has all been sourced from local country estates.

Game meat is low in cholesterol so take the opportunity to choose the healthier option and enjoy browsing our selection.

Remember when cooking your game birds that the general 'rule of thumb' is roast before Christmas, casserole after Christmas

Game is available in season only - 1st week of September until February.


The lamb this week is from our own Jacob Sheep, reared on the farm. The animals are raised on farms accredited by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Our lamb is born, reared and butchered in less than twelve months. Our lamb has been described by our customers as "beautiful, very succulent in texture and great flavour", "the best lamb we have ever tasted" and as "lamb to die for".


The extremely flavoursome unsung heroes of the meat world.  Liver is delicious on its own but can also be used to make beautiful pates and terrines.  Kidneys can be added to meat pies for a bit of extra flavour, or why not push the boat out and try them Devilled for a simple and delicious supper.


Our pork comes from our own Gloucestershire Old Spot and Oxford Sandy & Black pigs which are reared outdoors, maturing slowly over 24-28 weeks. Their food is based on natural ingredients with no added growth promoters.  Our Gloucestershire Old Spot herd carries the EU TSG accreditation so you know the pork you are buying is second to none.  Try a Hand of Pork as seen on Hairy Bikers' Best of British, 15th April 2013.


Our poultry is free-range and is kept and reared traditionally. You will notice the difference in flavour as it is quite delicious and is worlds apart from the mass produced, intensively farmed product.  They are plucked by hand and sold oven-ready (with giblets so you can make a wonderful gravy).


Our own sausages made from traditional and rare breeds. These are sausages that taste how sausages should taste and are freshly 'Made by Butts' for you.   The pork in our pork sausages comes from our own Gloucestershire Old Spot herd born and bred right here on the farm.  

They should be refrigerated and eaten within 24 hours of delivery or frozen on arrival. You'll love them!


Our own rose veal.  The taste is sublime and not to be missed.

Speciality Products

Our Speciality products include such delicacies as Black Pudding, Faggots, Ox Tongue and White Pudding.  Why not browse the products if you're looking for something a little different?