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Quote of the day from one of our happy visitors:

"We wanted to take home a baby guinea pig, a puppy and".........................wait for it......................"a teapot."

On behalf of our teapots, thank you.  We are honoured!!!






I came to the Butts farm yesterday with my friend and our children - 2 aged two years, and 2 aged four years.

Just wanted to thank you for a fab time - we really enjoyed milking the goat and cuddling the bunnies and guineas, and we loved grooming the donkeys Thomas and Percy.  We also met Desmond and another very tame puss-cat.  The moo-cows were mooing, the pigs were oinking (very loudly while waiting to be fed!) and the baa-lambs were baa-ing, and we got to see the tractor too ! - we all had a fabulous time.  

Can I also thank the younger girls who were getting the bunnies out, as one made sure the bunnies came their way and the other girl made sure our boisterous older boys didn't fall off the hay bales by standing behind them and chatting to them, being very friendly and kind. 

We all had a great time - thank you! 

Trish Clark, Stroud GL6                                                                                                                            October 2011